Straight 8   

Competition info:

- each film is created and completed on just 15 metres of celluloid super 8mm cine film.

- There's no opportunity for any second takes or to do post-production effects, grading or even editing.  

- the first time successful straight8ers even see their film is together with the audience at its premiere.

- sound tracks must be original and are uploaded 'blind', before the directors even see their film.

Back to the 50's

In a team of 3, we concepted and directed 'Back to the 50's', this was selected by Straight 8 and screened at the ICA in London as part of the Soho Shorts festival. We decided to embrace the challenge of shooting on a super8 camera and wrote a script based on a 1950's dinner party but actually shoot it entirely backwards - filming starts at the end of the evening's meal. As the soundtrack had to be added separately, we thought it would be unlikely for it to perfectly match up with the visuals so decided to write it from the beginning of the evening. Being completely opposite to the filming created a interesting contrast and played with the typical etiquette expected of that era.

In collaboration with Sophie Both and Mollie Courtenay.